Friday, November 9, 2007


It's the last great bag feature of the week. Today's indulgence is from 2 Fresh Petunias and owner/designer Stephanie Ignazio. Stephanie is creative, fun, and fashion savvy, and her bags are just like her. She's using some great new fabrics, including this pattern - "Optic Obsession" - for fall:

I've known Stephanie for a while now, and I love all of her bags. The construction is flawless (she's a bit of a perfectionist, I think), the fabrics are lovely. She has a great eye for color and line. Treat yourself!

And now we return to our day, already in progress. Hope you're all gearing up for a perfect weekend. My plans involve at least a couple of hours spent locked away with a book I want to finish, and some work repairing a hole in my closet (it's in my shoe rack. I need a new pair of boots.).

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~Stella said...

I love that bag, it has such a cool mod pattern!