Saturday, November 24, 2007

Buying Handmade for the Holidays - How Does Your Flower Grow?

So, if I'm serious about this Handmade Pledge, I'd better get shopping!

The biggest problem is that the more I browse around for gifts, the more things I see that I want for myself. ;) My wish list is getting really, really long.

Here's my Trunkt wishlist - some really, really beautiful work there:

Stone Soup Jewelry's Trunkt Wishlist

And my Etsy browsing is endless, I think. I want to share a couple of cute flower finds today.

My newest favorite shop is Happy House Quilts, with some really cute hair accessories, lovely greeting cards with felt pins attached (these would be great for gift wrap), and best - craft kits for ornaments, felt hair accessories, pins, etc. I have a niece who'll be getting one of these.

I'm also loving Peg Grady's flowers made from recycled aluminum cans. Again - great for gift wrap. I'm trying to waste as little as possible in wrapping gifts (I'm always consumed with guilt at the idea of all that paper being tossed after such a short life!), and these are not only made from recycled materials, but can have a life of their own after they're removed from the gift. Wouldn't you love a collage of these in a wall frame?

Next? COLOR. Lots of it. Stay tuned.


Shell Mitchell said...

Great gift ideas! I love Peg Grady's shop.

Peggradyart said...

Etsy is so addictive. I've made the handmade pledge, too, of course, and am spending way too many hours browsing all the enticing shops.

Thanks so much for featuring my aluminum can bows. The streets around me are so clean...not an empty beer can in sight.