Sunday, May 13, 2007


I went to a lapidary show yesterday. Quite the experience. Saw lots of beautiful things, lots of not-so-beautiful things. Met some really interesting people, and some unsavory characters. Funny when you ask someone, "What's this stone?" and get answers like, "Oh, that's Eastern European Mashuganite. Very rare." Mmm-hmm. It's so nice to see creative genius like that put to good use to fleece unsuspecting bead buyers. I'm glad to be a part of this highly ethical industry.

I picked up some great new stuff from vendors who didn't scare me, though, and I'm itching to start playing with it. So keep checking my Etsy shop for creations of beauty beyond your wildest dreams (or at least some nice new earrings). I found gorgeous aquamarine and rhyolite, which are among my favorite stones. And while you're shopping, please take a look at the earrings I listed to benefit autism research. It's a cause near to my heart, and while this is a small gesture, it's something.

My 5 year old's musings, in honor of Mother's Day: her preschool teacher asked her what her mom does to take good care of her, and Sarah's response was, "She gives me foods I like that are healthy and also foods I don't like that are healthy." Fair enough. :)

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