Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Workspace, Part One

I did it. *pats self on back*

I'm not finished yet, but I did manage to reorganize the bench I use for measuring/cutting wire and packing items to ship. This is why I love IKEA. I put this together using the base from an office cabinet (Effektiv), the frame and internal drawers from a wardrobe (Pax/Komplement), and a hanging wall rack from their laundry room storage series (Antonius).

The Antonius wall rack is exactly what I've been looking for - gets the wire up out of the way, but easily accessible. And it comes with little boxes, clips and hooks, so I can keep all kinds of supplies up there, within reach.

The top drawer is the Komplement jewelry drawer with dividers, and it's perfect for working on orders from my supply shop - I use the small compartments to separate invoices and fill them with small bags of findings as I complete each part of the order. The second drawer has packing materials, and the tray on top has my tissue paper and labels, so I can put everything together. And using the Effektiv base meant I could raise the height of the unit up over 36 inches, which makes it comfortable for me to stand there and work without hunching over.

I'm thinking everyone else isn't likely to be as interested in my workshop reorganization as I am, but I also know that I love to look around people's workspaces, and seeing the tools and systems they've used is really helpful.

Just wait until you see what I'm doing with my workbench. The IKEA obsession is getting a little creepy - but it just works so well. Oh, and the artwork on the walls is courtesy of my 6 year old daughter, but I'm busily buying art from some other places to further decorate the space.


Brandi said...

I don't care what anyone says, I love IKEA. I managed to furnished my apartment for under $1000 during college because of IKEA - and this included the bead and a couch!

Even if I wasn't a fan, I'm ridiculously fascinated by organizational stuff! Nifty, nifty bench - I'm looking for inspiration for a desk right now.

High Desert Diva said...

You just can't beat Ikea for organizational furniture.

I've got antique pieces in my office/work area. They look good, but let's face it, they are not functional like this.

Chey said...

I have that same wall rack and i love it. I have extra hooks and containers to go with it and it's fantastic.