Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Workspace, Part One and a Half

Getting there. Really.

First of all, my new handmade jewelry findings shop is open and running (click here and see)! It's not fully stocked yet - still need to add more copper ear wires and a few new designs - but it's a start. If you have suggestions for the links/tutorials page, please let me know.

Next order of business - I've made more progress in my workroom.

This is another IKEA purchase (a Fredrik computer desk). I ended up choosing this because it had a nice big work surface, and the table height is adjustable, so I can put it up high enough to make saw piercing and wire work comfortable. I've been hunched over a table for far too long, and my old back couldn't take it. I chose this instead of a more traditional jeweler's bench because I wanted a wider, deeper table surface. I may invest in a different organizer for the back of the table, but for now this works nicely.

I've made a couple of purchases on Etsy to add some color to the room, including a beautiful little wall quilt and some button/textile art - so more photos to come when I finish the bench and get the walls dressed up a bit more!


Callooh Callay said...

You new store looks great! Good luck with it. I always like seeing others' studios too (they look more real than mine).

Patrizia said...

That looks great.

Cover That Mother said...

Congrats on the new store! It is very handsome

Caroline said...

I love looking at people's workplaces and rooms... most of my art is done directly on a laptop computer, which is great for portability, but it means I don't have a workspace to pretty up! :)