Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Fundamentals Collection

I've been selling these simple, versatile pieces at shows all summer. They're crafted of hammered, polished sterling, and they pretty much go with everything. I wear a bracelet like this one almost every day, and the hammered dome earrings have become my "go-to" earrings. My morning routine isn't exactly leisurely - I usually shepherd my kids out the door and hope that I'm lucky enough to have grabbed matching shoes, so I rely on these simple earrings to pull what I will loosely call my "look" together. The texture, which catches the light beautifully as the earrings move, is just enough to make them striking.

I'll be adding some of these pieces to my Etsy shop later today.


Hobocamp Crafts said...

I too just love this look! They can really go for a trip to the market in jeans and then out to dinner in a dressier outfit. My MIL also has a bracelet she usually never takes off that is a silvery hammered piece.

Just lovely.

ShortcakeScraps said...

Such a beautiful collection! I hope to be able to see your stuff in person at an upcoming show. (P.S. I added you as a favorite on Etsy!)