Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nervous Wreck!


There's a lot for me to feel nervous, excited, jumpy about today.

First of all, the World Series (or, as my daughter calls it, the World Serious) starts tonight. I grew up as a Phillies fan and now I'm in Red Sox Nation. Anyone who knows the history of those teams knows that their fans don't ever really rest easy.

Second, I've got a HUGE craft show coming up next weekend - the Christmas Craft Festival at the World Trade Center in Boston. We're talking a three day event with attendance estimated at over 30,000. It should be fun, and exciting, but holy glue guns, Batman, that's a lot of crafters and a lot of shoppers! I'm now alternately worried that I won't have enough jewelry to last the weekend or that I will be lost in the shuffle and won't sell enough to recover my (rather hefty) booth fee.

And finally, I've had a lot of coffee this morning. A LOT. I was hoping to work on a coffee pendant to go with my Epicurean collection, but I'm thinking a saw is not the ideal tool for me when I'm this highly caffeinated.

Yours in jitters....

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