Friday, October 19, 2007

Be Still, My Heart

I've given in, and I'm not ashamed of it. ;-)

I've been saying for years that heart jewelry was overdone, especially when you look at what comes in those little aqua boxes...but now I'm making hearts.

I started playing with the idea when a customer at a craft fair approached me with an idea for a heart-themed pendant with the initials of two loved ones incorporated. She'd been looking at heart shaped stampings with engraved letters, and that wasn't quite doing it for her. So I came up with this - two closed, stylized hearts that link together but move around freely, with handforged letters fused in place.

In the process of forming the hearts, I've also made this Nested Hearts pendant, with a tiny heart suspended from a larger one. I think I'll end up giving a piece like this to my newly pregnant friend (seems like a nice symbol of life growing from life, don't you think?)

And there you have it. Love someone today!

1 comment:

tootsiegrace said...

I love your hearts! The idea of giving your pregnant friend the necklace with the little heart cozied up inside the large heart is the sweetest gift idea I have ever heard. I have always loved hearts, but your jewelery is really special!