Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Produce from Another Planet

After threatening to do it for a few years, we finally joined a CSA this season. The Food Project in Lincoln, MA has a lot going for it: a beautiful farm in an almost unbelievably idyllic wooded setting; gorgeous and tasty produce; a well-considered and apparently successful community outreach mission. The project brings kids from urban neighborhoods out to the farm to learn about agriculture and business. The kids manage the crops, harvest the produce and sell the food at local farmers' markets. Some of the food is sold through CSA shares, and some is donated to local shelters. It's sustainable, local, organic (not certified, but free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides) agriculture.

It's enough to make a good old fashioned bedwetting liberal like me faint.

And did I mention that the food is gorgeous? This week's share included a few spectacular treats like garlic scapes and kohlrabi, both of which prompted my 6 year old daughter to ask, "Are those really things to EAT? They look like little aliens."


Jess Brooks said...

Hooray! I'm a fellow Food Project CSA-er, and I've had the same reaction to kohlrabi! I totally agree -- Food Project is an amazing organization. And this week's fresh strawberries are the closest thing to perfection I've tasted in a while.

Jess Brooks said...

P.S. Your jewelry is gorgeous!

stonesoupjewelry said...

Thanks, Jess!

Yes, those strawberries were wonderful. I don't know if there's anything better than berries eaten right off the vine. My kids' faces were pretty bright red by the time we were finished.